Triumph of Thought

Alina Isaeva
The dazzlingly pure fragment of mental reality, Tabula rasa, as the primal state of ephemeral existence, is magnetically captivating. The formation of imaginative structures, whether artistic or mundane, is influenced by our receptivity to the established objective reality, which is both dynamic and subject to interpretation. The emergence of speculative beauty remains impervious to futile attempts to alter truth through compulsive sensation, as the sculpting of consciousness is only partially orchestrated. Thought processes align with the emotional tremors arising from systematic, periodic, episodic, and chance occurrences, shaping our reality.

The poignant allure of the syntactical silhouette of thought meticulously performs the procedure of aesthetic acupuncture of perspective, inducing an intense sensation of beauty. Rationality, wounded by elegance, ascends to the poetic substances of intellect, motivating expressive creation, seemingly inexplicable but expertly compiled into an exultant impression.

The gentle pathos of the soul manifests in the thought form, filling the voids of the mind. The emphatic narrative of consciousness materializes into images encoded by a creative system of symbols — lexical, artistic, graphic, arithmetic, and even acoustic — conforming to the crystallized essence of contemplation. It is this fascination with the sensual microcosm that leads to innovation. The noumenon, shaped by sensations, embodies the essence of subjective experiences and their interpretations, presenting an unparalleled construct of radically reduced emotional genesis.

The flickering originality of the perpetually unforeseen non-place as an incomprehensible phenomenon provokes the workings of consciousness for its artful definition, and it is this intrusion of extraordinariness that motivates creation, embodying the sacred through creativity. It is devoid of chronotope — bereft of place and time, felt materializes into an infinitely beautiful artifact of existence, a unique and unprecedented act of soulful affectation