Editor's Note

Theater begins with the cloakroom, an exhibition with a glass of champagne, and the FRSTV ecosystem — with words.

The FRSTV art platform is making waves in the contemporary art world: a hub where artists express their individuality through their creations, columnists capture significant events and artifacts through personal lenses, collectors flaunt their impeccable taste by acquiring works, and experts offer authoritative opinions.

FRSTV art group goes beyond the tangible world of art into a whole new realm, a multi-dimensional space of culture.

"The whole is seen, but only from a distance," as the poet Sergei Yesenin aptly said. Today, we have a unique chance to closely examine masterpieces of the past, appreciate the interpretations of beauty by modern creators, hear from the professional community, and immerse ourselves in a full emotional experience. You can even curate your own collection that reflects your personal aesthetics. Throughout this cultural journey, you'll be guided by the FRSTV team of like-minded individuals.

Authentic culture thrives on a sense of play, as it requires not taking one’s aspirations too seriously. So let’s play with culture! It’s limitless, confined only by imagination, and the freer it is, the more vibrantly it expresses itself. Contributors from diverse cultural spheres worldwide have come together to provide this rich variety of perspectives, and their insights converge here, in FRSTV media.