Meet 8 Artsy and Fairchain's Black History Month Auction Artists

Vyacheslav V.
“I started this work at the beginning of 2021, when I started working with and honing some new processes,” Nate Lewis said of Signaling/Send (2021), an exemplary work in his signature, singular style. “The subject of the work is an incredible artist/mover/dancer called Maxfield Haynes. Working with dancers/movers as the subjects of some of my work is something I’ve been doing since I started working with photography. Amongst the beauty and spirit that movement evokes, I enjoy the technical mastery and control over one’s body.…I’m interested in the possibility of the language of movement.

“I love this piece,” Lewis continued. “I’ve had this work in my studio since 2021 and didn’t want to let it go. However, I wanted to give a piece that is really significant to me for this auction, because of the weight and significance that I feel Fairchain and 15 Percent Pledge uphold.”

Lewis had a solo show in New York, “Tuning the Current,” this past fall at Fridman Gallery, which represents him. In 2022, he also took part in group exhibitions at Superposition and Zidoun-Bossuyt.